If you are in a house or office that you suspect is contaminated with asbestos, the first thing you must do by law is to get some asbestos testing done. If you live in Sydney, Australia, this is actually quite an easy thing to do as there are several reputable companies set up that offer it.

Ease, however, is probably not only your main concern. You likely also want to know how long it is going to take to get the asbestos done, as well as what you need to do to set it up.

How long does asbestos testing in Sydney take to do? -- Once you have made arrangements for a company to come and do asbestos testing, it does not take long at all to have the testing completed.

Most companies will test several rooms in your property by taking air samples. They will then take samples from materials under sinks, in attics and even in wall spaces. These samples will then be sent to a lab where they will be analyzed.

As analysis for asbestos testing in Sydney takes less than 24 hours, you should know if you have asbestos in your building sometime the following day.

What happens if you do have asbestos? -- By law, the asbestos in your building must be dealt with as quickly as possible. The company that did the testing will tell you about all of your options, as well as recommend the one they think you should take. 

It is then up to you to make arrangements to have the asbestos removed and your building made safe for everyone who will come into it.

Just be happy to know, whatever the result is, asbestos testing sydney does not take very long and is easy to arrange.