If you suspect you may have a property that is contaminated with asbestos and you live in Sydney, Australia, then you already know you must have it tested. After all, under Australian law, not only should a house be tested for asbestos if it is suspected it has been built using it, in some circumstances it may even have to be demolished.

How to get asbestos testing in Sydney? -- Getting asbestos testing in Sydney is actually an easy thing to do as a slew of companies provide it.

Contact several asbestos testing companies in the area and ask each for a free quote. Be sure to also ask them for the time frame during which the job will be done, so that you can choose a company that can do it quickly. 

Making arrangements for asbestos testing in Sydney -- Next you need to make arrangements for your asbestos testing to be done.

This entails nothing more than choosing a mutually convenient date with the tester, and then being home on the day the testing will be done. 

What does getting asbestos testing in Sydney entail -- The company you have chosen to use will send out a technician to your home on the day of your asbestos testing. 

He will go through every room of your home taking air samples. He will also look under sinks and floorboards, in attics and crawl spaces and take samples of any suspect materials he finds there. 

These materials and the air samples will then be sent to a lab for analysis. Results are usually back within 24 to 48 hours. Depending on what the results are, the company will then contact you and tell you about your different options. 


In some cases, if you do have a home with asbestos in it, you may be forced to move out for a while as the company deals with it.

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